Meet GymboFams Ambassador Jackie

My name is Jackie and my 11.5 month old daughter, Avery, has been attending Gymboree Play & Music since she was 3 months old. I had terrible post partum depression and knew that we needed to get out of the house to meet other moms and babies. I did not feel confident handling Avery and felt like I did not have “the mom gene.” I will never forget how scared I was in my first class when I had to lay on my back, bend my knees in, lay Avery on my legs, and rock her from side to side.
Although I was very scared at first, we ended up having so much fun during our first class and I quickly realized that the other parents were learning too. From then on, we were hooked. Saturday mornings are spent at Gymboree Play & Music , where we watch our baby blossom and learn new skills, while Mom and Dad learn new ways to engage with our baby. I am so thankful for Gymboree Play & Music , it helped Avery’s curiosity and mobility skills blossom, all the while I gained confidence as a new mom. My mother-in-law enjoys taking Avery to class on the weekdays, and Dad never misses Saturday class. We are a GymboFam!

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