Meet GymboFams Ambassador Krissy

Hey there, everyone! Our names are Josiah and Krissy and we’re the parents of the most spunky and adventurous 2-year old named Noah. Our little guy has been going to Gymboree Play & Music for the past year and we’ve seen so much change in him since starting.

It’s given him confidence to come out of his shell and learn new things. His favorite activity when at Gymboree Play & Music is anything to do with the parachute or bubbles. His face literally lights up when he knows the teacher will bring it out for them to play with. It’s been an absolute joy watching him grow up through this program.


On top of being his parents,  dad is a Parole Officer and mom is a stay at home entrepreneur who works in the social media field. There is nothing better than seeing our son play at Gymboree Play & Music because we know he’s constantly learning new ways to work on his development. We’re looking forward to what else he is able to accomplish and how much more he is able to grow.

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