Meet GymboFams Ambassador Jennifer

Hi my name is Jennifer. My son Snow Phoenix is 11 months old. We live in las Vegas, NV. We’ve been going to the Summerlin Gymboree Play & Music classes for about 2 months and it has been amazing.

At our 9 month doctor checkup Snow still was not crawling. The doctor wasn’t worried yet, but did say we may need an early intervention to help him start crawling if he wasn’t by age 1.  I had heard about Gymboree Play & Music from a friend and decided that possibly if Snow got some socialization he may see the other kids crawling and copy them. We attended only 3 play and learn classes before he was a crawling master.

I feel so thankful for Gymboree Play & Music because it has helped Snow progress so much. Snow lovesssss Gymboree Play & Music ; we’ve attended play and learn 2 & 3, music, and have had play dates at open gym. Gymboree Play & Music classes I feel are amazing and really tend to the different ages needs and the teachers are all so extremely attentive and amazing. It’s a toss up between hanging out in the rainbow tunnel and being underneath the giant parachute for Snow’s favorite thing to do at Gymboree Play & Music We love meeting all the families at our Gymboree Play & Music and look forward to meeting more through the Gymbofam.  Thank you Gymboree Play & Music!!!

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