Meet GymboFams Ambassador Neda

Hello families! I’m Neda and I have sweetest 13 and a half month old little girl, Aurora. Aurora has been going to Gymboree Play & Music for a few months now and I would say it’s hands down her favorite place to be. She’s developed an insane amount sincethe first time I took her. Her favorite is rolling the air log, running under the parachute, gymbo time, oh and squirming out of mommy’s arms and darting for whatever catches her little eye.

We just are die hard Gymboree Play & Music Fans and have loved what the classes have done for Aurora. She’s become more sociable with her friends in class and is up for any new obstacle challenge. Thanks for creating a fun place where I can watch my baby bloom each day! I’m ecstatic to share what the program has done for us with other families.

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