Meet GymboFams Ambassador Marissa

Hey y’all! My name is Marissa and I am the proud mama to my 3 year old son, Eric, and 1 year old daughter, Evangeline. Eric has been the best big brother from day 1 constantly showering his little sister with kisses and always holding her hand in the car. Evangeline loves to follow her brother around and enjoys wrestling and playing cars with her big brother. Both children love being around family and can’t wait until they get a chance to get out of the house and go to the store just for fun.

Eric has been attending Gymboree Play & Music since he he was 1. Being a new mom of a baby with eczema in southern Texas, I was in search for activities my son could take part in that would not cause his eczema to flair, and thankfully, I came across these classes, attended the free class to see how my son would react, and let me just say…we were hooked! It would be hard for me to say what he loves best about attending because he still gets excited exploring the many obstacles, which helped improve his motor development greatly, bubble time, the singing and dancing, and we can’t forget hugs with Gymbo. We have loved Gymboree Play & Music so much Evangeline was just recently enrolled to begin her classes and we look forward to watching her grow with Gymbo!


In addition to being their mama, I am an elementary teacher and certified Reading Specialist. Through the years, I have continuously been impressed with the age-appropriate developmental activities Gymboree Play & Music provides to the children and their families and I thoroughly enjoy watching all the families come together and bond with their children and the other families through play, exploration, song, and dance. The Gymboree Play & Music family has done a wonderful job providing education, play, and fun to so many and we are so thankful to have found our home with them.

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