From the Parent Tip Toolbox! Wait and Watch.

Parent Tip for June

Watch, Wait, Play! Encourage independence and curiosity by allowing your child to take the lead with play. It’s best to support their actions, but let your child be the leader. Play only happens when your child is in control, you can’t make her play.

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Here are some examples of “Wait & Watch” by age group.


If baby is reaching for the ball, stop yourself from giving it to them. Let them get it themselves.


If they’re trying to get up on the chair, let them try on their own before assisting. Let them get dress by themselves – put on their own shoes etc.


When they encounter another child coming up the slide when they’re ready to go down, let them figure out how “negotiate” with the other child without interrupting.

Wait and Watch in action!

Cassidy’s first time in the Play & Learn Level 5 Class — she did well figuring out how to go in a circle with this rope. – from GymboFam Ambassador Crystal,

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