Teacher Feature! Meet Amanda from Gymboree Play & Music, Westside Pavilion

Meet Amanda. She’s a Music Programming Specialist at the Gymboree Play & Music, Westside Pavilion location.


What is your Gymboree Play & Music story? Share how you started as a teacher.
I had just moved to California and was looking to utilize my recent Music Education degree. I had only previously heard of Gymboree after one of my preschool students in Idaho participated in a photo shoot. Walking into the initial group interview at the Westside Pavilion Gymboree in Los Angeles, I looked up to see a poster on the wall with the little boy from my preschool in Idaho! It seemed like I was just where I was meant to be.

What is your favorite part about teaching at Gymboree Play & Music?
I love that I get to build long-standing relationships with families. I get to see children learn and grow! I get to share with them the joy of learning! In some cases, I am their first introduction to a world outside of the home and family, and I get to ensure that the child’s experience is a positive one. I have the privilege of helping parents recognize what developmental milestones their child has reached. Gymboree taught me how important the first five years of life are, so I am proud of what I do.

What makes Gymboree Play & Music special for you?
Gymboree has become a huge part of my life. I have made some of my best friends here, both parents and other teachers. I have children who come back to visit me even after they are 9, 10, 11 years old. I have met teachers from around the world who share a similar love for early childhood education. While I teach at one location, I have a global community with whom to share ideas, stories, triumphs and troubles. I don’t think I could have any other job that brings me this much joy and fulfillment!

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