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As a mom and educator, I greatly value the role of play in social, emotional, physical and cognitive development; given our son’s recent diagnosis of Autism, I appreciate the importance of play so much more! Alexander has already shown progress and this is in part to Gymboree Play & Music.

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I’m Jane, – mom to Catherine, a creative and inquisitive 4 year old, and Alexander, a humorous and musical 2 year old – learning and loving the best I can.

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 6.46.10 PM.pngCatherine participated in Gymboree Play & Music classes pre-school and we most recently continued our journey with Gymboree Gymboree Play & Music when we enrolled Alexander in Play & Learn.

I wanted him to participate in a class where he could just have fun because much of our time is dedicated to therapy. As it turns out, Gymboree Play & Music is fun but it also supports his development given the wide range and variety of activities available.

From heavy work materials that support sensory processing to play structures that build his core strength and tone to group activities that support socioemotional development, Gymboree Play & Music is helping us ways we never anticipated! Thank you.

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I’m a mom in Toronto! documenting our journey with Autism. Alexander is a 2 year old joy! Learning & loving the best I can. #autismmomtoronto

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