Meet GymboFams Ambassador Allison

Hi all. My name is Allison.

When my husband and I moved to Oregon, we knew we needed to find indoor activities to get through the rainy season (October to May). We started attending Gymboree Play & Music when our son, Christopher, now 4 years old, was 16 months old. He was an early walker, and non-stop mover. Gymboree Play & Music was the ideal environment to get his wiggles out (I only wish we had taken advantage of the unlimited open gym times).

Our daughter, Annie, now 2 years old, attended her big brother’s Gymboree Play & Music classes in the Ergo at 2 weeks. The teachers made it so easy to bring Annie, and Christopher’s schedule was unchanged – a big deal for a 2-year-old with a new sister. Annie started attending her own classes when she was 16 months old. She was a later walker than her brother, walking only a week prior to her first level 4 Gymboree Play & Music class.

This summer, we enrolled Christopher in Bubble Camp/Preschool Skills. With his enrollment, he also gets to attend Music, Art, and Family Gym. I cannot believe it took us two and a half years to discover these classes. Even though Christopher and Annie are at vastly different developmental stages, they are welcomed into these classes together and instructed at their individual levels.


Gymboree Play & Music is my kids’ happy place, I can honestly say they love their teachers. For me it is so much more – more than I can express in words. As a SAHM, there are days I need to get out and talk with adults. I am a member of a local mom’s group, but their activities do not always work with our schedules.

What I can be sure of atGymboree Play & Music, is weekly conversations with parents who have kids in similar stages as mine. We share stories, and offer solutions to kid challenges. There have been so many days I’ve walked into Gymboree Play & Music defeated, and after a 50 minutes class, come out with a new set of tools to handle a toddler situation.


Gymboree Play & Music is the best thing we have done as a family, my husband attends when his schedule allows. I am so excited to representGymboree Play & Music as a GymboFams Ambassador. I look forward to sharing our summer Gymbo experience.

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