Meet GymboFams Ambassador Mia

Howdy from Texas!

Around one month of age we noticed Kali’s eyes would light up as soon as you read, sang, or moved her body rhythmically. After showing her father a few videos of what Gymboree Play and Music classes had to offer we immediately agreed to give the classes a try.


Our first class was Gymboree Play & Music’s National Day of Play. Not only was the class packed but everyone was so kind. Our teacher took the time to allow each family to introduce themselves and their goals for their child. As new parents we definitely want Kali to socialize, but it is equally important that we feel comfortable with the adults involved as well. There is nothing worse than mommy and daddy cliques or uninterested teachers!

Even though we work full-time and are only able to attend classes on the weekend, we believe our investment is being returned twofold. We get to spend quality time with our daughter, in a fun, inclusive, friendly, environment; while supporting her overall development. Gymboree Play and Music classes are more than just a play date it is a community.


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