Meet GymboFams Ambassador Cherilyn

Aloha, I am Cherilyn Evangelista, I am, I guess, a retired Chef and now stay at home mom. I now have the challenge of cooking for the most pickiest toddler ever.


I have been bringing Matthew to Gymboree Play & Music since he was 18 months. I wish I had brought him earlier. Matty will be 3 in January. Gymboree Play & Music has helped Matty with his speech delay and now sings all the Gymboree Play & Music songs.

Matty loves every one at GymboreePlay & Music especially Ms. Tori. He gives her at least 3 a day which is 3 more than I get. Ms. Erica, Ms. Tori, Mr. Jerrick, Ms. Diane and Ms. Jessica makes us feel like family. I still haven’t figured out how they remember everyone’s name.

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