10 Surprising Benefits of Sensory Play

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Sensory play and sensory exploration is paramount in helping our little ones understand themselves…and the world! It covers all the necessities in early development — physical, cognitive, social and emotional.

Here are a few things you may not have known about sensory play!

  1. Sensory play isn’t all about touch. Sight, smell, taste, hearing, vestibular, proprioception…they’re all important!
  2. Sensory play can help calm your anxious or frustrated little one. Ever notice that bath time seems to calm your little one? It’s the sensory play!
  3. Massaging your little one is a form of sensory play. It helps them understand their body and touch.
  4. Sensory play supports cognitive skills like language development.
  5. Children use their senses to collect data about life.
  6. Every child can be successful at sensory play, building confidence.
  7. Sensory play builds neural pathways in the brain, strengthening their problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  8. Sensory play aids our little ones in building emotional awareness and expression.
  9. Using the senses to accomplish a task allows your child to learn even more throughout the activity.
  10. Sensory play is a great group activity. It provides a positive environment where children can begin to share their ideas and work together!

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