5 Tips to Raise Resilient Kids

Children grow and learn through play. And, with play, comes exploration, pushing boundaries and even the inevitable mistake. But that’s OK (and, actually, what we encourage in early development!). Mistakes can teach children resilience and grit IF they are taught to perceive those mistakes as an opportunity to learn.  When we support and encourage children as they take risks, push boundaries and overcome challenges, kids understand how to bounce back and learn from their mistakes!

We love these 5 tips provided by the Big Life Journal on How to Raise Kids who Never Give Up!

resilience infographic.png


It’s our mission at Gymboree Play & Music to encourage children to explore their world, push their boundaries and step out of their comfort zone. We encourage mistakes, teach children how to learn from those mistakes, and focus on building a growth mindset in our little ones. Because here at Gymboree Play & Music, we know that with mistakes comes success! Come in for a visit today!


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