October’s Mystery Book Recommendations

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In honor of Halloween, we aren’t just throwing amazing Gymb-O-Weencostume parties and spooktacular bashes! We’re also highlighting the many developmental benefits of mystery and imagination that inevitably come with the celebration of Halloween

To get in the Halloween spirit, each of our October book recommendations highlights MYSTERY! If you’re in for a suspenseful, mysterious (and educational!) good time, check out the list below! 

hatch Hatch By Heather Brown

Use the rhyming clues to predict what baby animal is about to hatch from each egg. Little ones will love lifting the flaps to reveal who is hiding inside.




hide and snake

Hide and Snake By Keith Baker

Follow this colorful snake through the pages as he challenges children to find his next hiding place. “Baker’s elaborate acrylic designs, variety of lush hues, and sly wit provide a feast for the eyes while maintaining the cohesive personality of the book from page to page.”–Publishers Weekly. 


alphabet mystery

Alphabet Mystery By Audrey Wood and Bruce Wood

Little letter x is missing! Follow the other lowercase letters as they solve the mystery of his disappearance and learn the value of the letter x… the only letter that stands for kisses! xxxx



moongame.png Moongame By Frank Asch

One night, Bear was playing a game of hide and seek with the moon. When the moon hides behind a dark cloud, Bear becomes worried that the moon is lost! Will Bear ever find the moon?





Pigeon P.I. By Meg McLaren

Birds are going missing all over the city and word on the wire is there’s a feather thief on the loose! Not to worry, Pigeon P.I. is on the case! Follow this daring detective and his new partner as they investigate the mystery of a missing friend.



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