Self-Care for Parents


April 2

Here at Gymboree Play & Music we are sending all families virtual hugs. We understand that parents have more than enough to think about right now. Worrying can take up a great deal of time and energy and is emotionally and physically draining. During these times, it is vital that we as parents take care of ourselves and maintain our health which in turn will help support the needs of our little ones.

We have compiled a list of self-care activities that you can practice in the comfort of your home while juggling work, children, and stress.

Having a routine throughout the day certainly helps restore balance. Create a schedule not only for your family, but for yourself as well.

Dress for a social life
Take a shower, put on some comfortable clothes, do your hair and perhaps put on a little makeup. Getting dressed will certainly have a positive impact on our mood.

Repetitive movement
Engage in some form of repetitive movement or left-right movements. Research has proven that movement with your hands such as knitting, coloring, painting, sculpting, even jumping rope can alleviate moments of distress and maintain a sense of calm.

Move and get out at least once a day
Walks are great if the weather is nice. If you aren’t comfortable leaving the house, YouTube has a library filled with free workout videos. If nothing else, turn on the music and host your very own living room dance party! Whatever it is, just make sure to move for at least thirty-minutes a day.

Reach out to others
Connecting with people outside of the household whether by phone or video chat, reduces depression and allows for support and engagement. Don’t forget to set up virtual playdates for your little one as well.

Stay hydrated
This might seem obvious, but stress can play a huge part in not eating right. Make sure to drink lots of water and enjoy healthy balanced meals.

Create your own space
When you’re stressed or need a mental time out, create a space that you can retreat to. Whether it is a pile of blankets, a tent, or sitting outside on the patio. Communicate your intentions to the family and take some time for you.

Find the positive
All the negativity in the world can be overwhelming. Create a list of the good/positive things happening in your life. Find lightness and humor in each day,

This is temporary
In the midst of the quarantine it feels like this will never end. Remind yourself that although these are scary and difficult times, this will pass and we can return to staying healthy, playing healthy, and feeling safe and connected in the days ahead.


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