Believe in Self-Confidence

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It’s our mission at Gymboree Play & Music to encourage children to explore their world, push their boundaries, and step out of their comfort zone. So much learning takes place through mistakes, building a growth mindset that promotes self-confidence in our little ones.

Raising a confident and happy child is important. It sets a foundation for the rest of their lives and helps them learn necessary emotional and social skills. When your little ones believe in their ability to accomplish tasks on their own, they will feel empowered to take on challenges in all aspects of life.

Here are a few ways to help build self-confidence in your child:

Focus on strengths
Strengths come in all shapes and sizes. Some strengths are obvious, while others are harder to notice -such as being a good listener. By recognizing your little one’s strengths, you are helping them thrive.

Be positive
Being optimistic can go a long way. If your child makes a mistake, turn their frown upside down with an encouraging discussion that focuses on a solution and the lessons that were learned.

Allow children to make their own decisions
Empower your little ones by giving them opportunities to make their own choices. Teach good judgement and offer multiple options.

Become a supportive role model
Parents and caregivers serve as role models, through their attitudes and behaviors within the family and their community. Encourage positive interactions that contribute to your little one’s personal growth and development.

Raising confident children can be challenging. Putting trust in your little one’s abilities and seeking opportunities to challenge them will help build the self-esteem they need to grow into confident learners.

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