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In this week’s episode of the Parent Pod Podcast, we are talking to Dr. Sarah Mitchell of Helping Babies Sleep about all things sleep training, or as she would say “sleep teaching.”

Dr. Sarah Mitchell is a chiropractor by training but found her true calling as a sleep consultant when her first child just.would.not.sleep.  Since 2013 she’s empowered thousands of parents to teach their little ones to sleep and enjoy their parenting journey to the fullest.  

She’s the owner of Helping Babies Sleep.  She’s also on a mission to change the dialogue away from “sleep training” to “sleep teaching” to be more reflective of what’s happening when shaping behavior.

Dr. Sarah is a proud member of the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine.  She is currently contributing to research at San Jose State University on the efficacy of her sleep teaching coaching and the effect of sleep teaching on maternal anxiety.   Originally from Ottawa, Ontario Canada, Sarah resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, son and daughter.  She wants you to know you can be loving, attached and well-rested.

Learn more about Dr. Mitchell at https://www.helpingbabiessleep.com/


The Parent Pod podcast by Gymboree Play & Music is a weekly conversation that features various experts who are willing to share helpful tips for parents and grandparents on how to support their little ones during the first five years of life. Our podcast drives conversations around early childhood development and parenting strategies, with topics ranging from sleep training, and minimalist living to maternal mental health and postpartum depression.

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