From the mouth of babes: “I love my class!”

“I got so excited when Mommy parked the car a little while ago, because I knew we were going to my favorite place!

I get to see my best friend each week, and Mommy always has a big smile on her face too when she sees her friends here.

There’s a really nice lady who shows me and my friends so many fun things to do. Right now she has me practicing my crawling. It can be hard work, but she sings songs and blows so many bubbles that It’s all worth it!  And I’ve overheard Mommy tell Grandma and Daddy that I always take a really good nap after we go to our class together.

Sometimes Daddy or Grandma ask if they can go to class with me instead of Mommy. I guess they love it too!

Tell your Mommy or Daddy to sign you up!!”

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