Some Relatable Holiday Memes to Get Us Through the Greatest Time of the Year!

We know the holidays can be both joyous and nightmarish for parents. So, to help get you through the season, we’ve scoured the internet for some hilarious memes. Enjoy!

First, let’s get the obvious out of the way…nothing is going to be how you envisioned or planned…

With holiday pictures…

expectation vs reality holiday

And maybe that cute holiday treat you found on Pinterest that looked so easy to make…

Just remember that you’re not alone…

So, take the advice of flight attendants – take care of yourself before others…

Because, for a lot of you, December 1st means Elf on the Shelf!

At first you might get really creative…

Eventually you might start using it for evil…

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This. Is. The. Truth! 🙌

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At Gymboree Play & Music, Halloween means IMAGINATION!

By: Lauren O’Brien

halloween imagination

In honor of Halloween, this month at Gymboree Play & Music we are focusing on building confident learners through IMAGINATION!

Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Encouraging your child’s imagination fosters cognitive and social development, which helps them build their critical thinking skills — an important element of early childhood development. Imagination also builds social-emotional development by allowing children to create different resolutions, thus boosting children’s confidence, which can be used in interactions with others.1

Fortunately for parents, children often have great imaginations and creative visualization can come very easily to them; but there are still ways to help your child’s early development even further!

And, since Halloween is all about imaginary monsters, princesses and spooky creatures, it’s the perfect time of year to work on building that imagination! So, when your little one says a shark has eaten your leg or there is ice cream in that empty bowl…play along =)

Here are a few fun and easy Halloween IMAGINATION activities:


  • Leaf People: Collect fall materials like leaves, sticks, acorns, and pine cones and make a fall collage, a leaf-man or whatever your child’s imagination creates!
  • Pumpkin Painting: This allows your child to get a bit more imaginative than carving because there are no knives involved!
  • Pumpkin Faces: Grab some white paper plates, orange paint, black paper (for the eyes and mouth), and paint brushes to create pumpkin face masks!
  • Styrofoam Spiders: Just a styrofoam cup, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and markers to make silly (or creepy!) spider decorations.
  • Hand Print Trees: Draw your child’s handprint on some construction paper, use brown paint for the trunk and branches (wrist and fingers) and then glue some fall-colored tissue paper on for the leaves.

MUSICAL ACTIVITIES:  Turn up the stereo volume, get out some instruments and bust out those dance moves. Let your child freestyle dance and/or play some instruments (like maracas) to whatever beat they hear!


  • Halloween Treats: Take those imaginations to the kitchen! Make some fun halloween treats.
  • Build a Fort: Turn a fort into a haunted house!
  • Dress up: Who doesn’t love some creative dress-up?
  • Free Play: Allowing your child unstructured playtime provides them time to truly use their imagination!

1. [Nurturing Creativity and Imagination For Child Development]

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

Our GymboFams Ambassadors shared some love for their teachers for Teacher Appreciation Day today! We love our Gymboree Play & Music teachers!

We love miss Rachael at Gymboree Play & Music, Summerlin in Las Vegas, NV because she makes music class fun. Miss Rachel not only teaches the origin of an artist or genre, but she includes motor skills, memorization, and really gets the parents involved as well. We love music class with miss Rachel. – Jennifer


We love Miss Diane at Gymboree Play & Music, Pearlridge in Aiea, HI she is kind, nice, friendly. She greets everyone who comes in and knows everyone by name. She allows Iyada to help her with class at times, and when it’s time to leave Diane gives Gymbo stamps and Iyada gives her a high five and hugs to say thank you. – Daria


Iyada loves her Level 5 teachers, Ms. Tori and Mr. Jerrick who are also at Gymboree Play & Music, Pearlridge in Aiea, HI. They are awesome, friendly, and fun. They love the that fact they’ve gotten the chance to see her grow since Level 1. We love our Gymboree Play & Music teachers!  – Daria


Hello, everybody, it’s a Gymboree Play & Music day in Beaverton, OR! Tuesdays are our favorite Gymboree Play & Music day because we have classes with both Teacher Roya (Music) and Teacher Kristy (Play) all in one day!! – Ashley


We love Miss Gabby at Gymboree Play & Music in Ashburn, VAGymboree Play & Music in Ashburn, VA because she has helped transition McKinley from her Play and Learn class to Preschool Steps beautifully! She truly cares about al of the children and always has a positive, loving attitude in class each day! – Lauren


Get Artsy and…Celebrate THE PLANET FOR EARTH DAY

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 1.33.40 PM.png

Celebrate Earth Day at your local Gymboree Play & Music

We’ll be using fun techniques to help teach our little ones about helping the planet so be sure to JOIN US for…

Clean up & Sort:  “Make reusable shopping bags available.  Scatter playballs, Air Shapes and Tactile Balls around the room.  Invite everyone to help “clean” up and have fun “sorting recyclables”.

Take the Bus:  Invite everyone to ride the Airlog Bus together!

Energy Freeze:  Randomly during Open Gym, cue everyone to “freeze” each time you turn off the room lights to “save energy”.

Composting:  Dump a bucket of scarf “leaves” around the room.  Get everyone to help scoop up the leaves and put them in the Crawligator Square “Composter” lined with a Minichute.  Pull Minichute full of “compost” out.

Take the fun home too!

Looking for a fun Earth Day project to do at home? There are so many ideas…from collages to paper flowers. Try these fun projects at home!

Trash to Treasure Collage: Now is a great time to “clean up and reuse” those left over art supplies! Paper scraps, torn tissue pieces, foam shapes, feathers, pom-poms, rubber stamps, leaves, left over wrapping paper, Styrofoam noodles, newspaper strips etc. Provide colored construction paper and glue sticks and glue for children to create their own unique collage!

Earth Mosaic Collage: Precut blue “earth” paper circles. Glue stick pieces of pre-cut green craft moss, fabric scraps or even real green leaves and apply in patches to the blue “earth” circle.

Bloom & Blossom: Precut paper daisy shapes from colored construction paper. Children use stamp pad to make thumb print colors on petals. Hole-punch and add a pipe cleaner twist for stem.

12 Non-Toy Gift Ideas For The Holidays (for babies to preschoolers)

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 3.10.52 PM.png

Toys are magical, especially during the holiday season — they’re educational, fun and downright cute but when you have multiple friends and family members buying for your young children the sheer volume of toys received can be a bit overwhelming.

So what’s a parent to do when the toy pile keeps growing? Gymboree Play & Music has come up with a list of 12 toy alternatives that will delight and encourage play for children ages 0 to 5 years old.

Sometimes it’s nice to give (and receive) a non-toy present that sparks imagination, creativity and kindness.

Let’s Play!

  1. Dress-Up Clothes – Raid grandma’s closet for old hats, shoes, purses, ties and scarves. Your little one will love playing dress-up and you can add a modern twist by taking selfies of each outfit.
  2. Museum Events – Choose a specific event at a local museum, this way kids can visualize their upcoming adventure.  For example if you live near Rochester, NY you might choose The Berenstain Bears: Down a Sunny Dirt Road at The Strong National Museum of Play. What’s going on in YOUR town?
  3. Tummy Time Blanket – Babies will love practicing “Tummy Time” on a brightly colored soft blanket. Try Etsy for beautiful handmade blankets.
  4. Sleeping Bag – Toddlers and Preschoolers will love having their own sleeping bag for movie night on the couch or to make a tent with a chair.
  5. Flashlight – Light play is so much fun! A moving light on the wall becomes a shooting star or a faraway planet. It also makes for a great game of on/off for babies.
  6. Charity Bank – Give your child a small bank for their favorite cause. Does your child love pets or recycling? Help them pick a charity and then let them save their pennies in the charity bank. Once the bank is full help them roll the coins and make a donation.
  7. Art Book – Self-publish a book of your child’s artwork from the entire year. They will be thrilled to see that they have their very own published “book”.
  8. Ice Cream Parlor Voucher – Create a “Treat Ticket” redeemable at a brand new ice cream parlor. Children of all ages will love building a triple scoop with their favorite flavors. The whole family can play a guessing game too — have each child choose their own flavors then have the family guess which ones they picked by color and texture.
  9. Huge Cardboard Box – A cardboard box can be a pirate ship, Landspeeder, clubhouse, birds nest or just a fun place to play.
  10. Bath Sponges – Kids of all ages love bath time! Water play not only gets little hands clean but it also makes for creative play. Kids can squeeze water, make bubbles and float their sponge like a boat.
  11. Mystery Box – Create a personalized mystery box of hand-me-down items. Ask grandpa, Aunt Jane and cousin Joe to contribute something fun — items can include things like old stamps, a harmonica or some seeds to plant in the Spring. Decorate the box in bright colors for an added touch.
  12. Baby Lab & Play Lab Classes at Gymboree Play & Music! Baby Lab is a multi-sensory play and learning lab that’s all about building brain power, stimulating reflexes and sharing giggles. Play Lab is an innovative new program that brings S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) learning to life with projects and activities that were specifically designed for their age group.

Share YOUR ideas for a non-toy holiday gift.

WINNERS! The Gymboree Play & Music #gymboween Instagram Costume Photo Contest

We had so many amazing entries for the Gymboree Play & Music #gymboween Instagram Costume Photo Contest that we decided to pick two.

First up is Danielle and son Shea from Staten Island, NY who show that our Gymboree Play & Music families are so creative! Play strong, Popeye, play strong!

Danielle and her family won a $100 in Gymboree Play & Music product pack.

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 3.25.06 PM

Our second winner is from Dana from El Dorado Hills, CA proves that the family that plays together stays together with these super creative Halloween costumes.

Dana and her family also won a $100 in Gymboree Play & Music product pack.

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.16.00 PM

Congratulations to both of our winners.

Gymboree Play & Music families come to class together to play and learn together, and then take what they know out into the world!

31 Bite Sized Tips For Surviving Halloween With A Toddler (from parents who really have toddlers)!

Halloween with a toddler? While this might sound like a storyline out of a horror movie surviving Halloween with kids under 4 can actually be quite fun if you’re prepared and patient.

We surveyed our Gymboree Play & Music parents and 88% plan on going trick-or-treating with their toddlers this year so we also asked them for their favorite tips on surviving Halloween with a toddler.

Here’s real advice from real moms and dads that just might help you make it through to November 1st!

Be flexible, have fun!
Don’t expect to hit a lot of houses; hide candy when they aren’t looking.
Less is sometimes more!
Replacing the candy with healthier options or non edibles when they’re not looking!
Stop when they want to stop.
Get out early.
Be patient and let them enjoy the experience 🙂
Make it fun! But always stay safe and aware of surrounding.
Let them choose their own costume!
Have fun and be prepared for a meltdown just in case.
Keep calm!
Bring a stroller or wagon incase they get tired from walking.
Just let them have some candy, they’re only kids once.
Get as much rest as possible before Halloween.
Pray for a meltdown free night!
Follow their lead – if it’s magic for them, great! If not, don’t force it.
Emphasize on dressing up and not candy.
Let them run!
Don’t stay out too late.
Stay in a group!
Bring snacks, a sippy cup, and a stroller.
Make sure the costume is still cute even if they take the headpiece off.
Have low expectations.
Make sure everyone eats dinner first.
Don’t over-plan.
Pace yourself, end the night when your toddler starts getting cranky.
Let your significant other take them.
Hide the dog so he doesn’t bark every time the doorbell rings and wakes up the baby!!
Have fun it’s only for one night.
Be prepared to NOT get any sleep that night.

May the Force be with you…
May rapunzel’s hair stay in place…
May you not have squashed Tootsie Rolls in your carpet this year…

We’re with you mom and dad!
Have fun and Happy Halloween!

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