The Scripps Poway Location is Truly a Community!

Our twin boys went up through Level 5 at the Scripps Poway Gymboree Play & Music. Our 11-month-old daughter is currently enrolled there!

As a family, we love Gymboree Play & Music. We feel it is a beautiful place where we can go and play together, sing songs, learn new things, and meet other families. I feel that Gymboree Play & Music. helped me build my confidence when I was a new mother; I was able to get out of the house with my infant twins and go to a place where I knew there would be other moms going through the same thing and staff members who love kids and were there to support me and my babies. I feel that Gymboree Play & Music. is partly responsible for the parent I have become, and I will always feel glad that I chose to enroll my children in the program.

The Scripps Poway Gymboree Play & Music. is truly a community and I have made close friends as a result of taking my kids there. I have also been fortunate enough to befriend teacher Aubrey. She has taught all of my kids and she is a natural teacher: patient, warm, welcoming, nurturing, and kind. She always makes parents feel welcome and comfortable and she effortlessly remembers all the babies’ names and details about their personalities. It has been wonderful to get to know her and become friends with her.


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