Shout out to Gymboree Play & Music teachers in Greenwood, IN!

I am a former Gymboree Play & Music teacher who recently got to come back for a day to help out.

I taught for five years with Gymboree Play & Music and have so many wonderful memories of this place. It is truly a magical place. All the parents walk in with a smile of their face ready to play with their children. The center (Gymboree Play and Music of Greenwood) always smells so good and is so clean and bright. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had today to come and revisit a place that I spent so many hours at that I truly love!

Shout out to Ms. Casie and Ms. Maria for their great job teaching!

Our Lovely West 73rd St. UWS Location in NYC

I literally can’t say enough good things about every single aspect of our experience at Gymboree Play & Music!

My daughter and I tried out several different programs before finding our lovely West 73rd St. location in the UWS/NYC. We both felt at home from the minute we walked in. The space is inviting and spotlessly clean and the structures in the gym are always fun and just challenging enough.

We started with the Play and Learn class, then joined the two’s program, and are now enjoying the three’s program. As a former Montessori preschool teacher, I appreciate how incredibly kind and dedicated Juliet’s teachers are. They “get” her. They always meet her at her level and help her work through her more challenging moments with love, kindness, and understanding. I tell every single parent I meet about our amazing Upper West Side gem. Our location, (along with the other NYC locations) is facing some difficulty with new city certification issues and I know I am not the only parent who appreciates how well the manager, Stephanie, has handled it.

Our Gymboree Play & Music is its own little community and all of us parents have offered to help however we can. Gymboree Play & Music is an extension of our home and family and I hope we stay close long after Juliet outgrows the program.

We Love Reno Gymboree!

I have been taking my daughter to the Reno Gymboree Play & Music since she could sit up and she’s almost a year old now. It’s absolutely fabulous and I have nothing but good things to say.

The toddler classes at Gymboree Play & Music are varied and perfectly age-appropriate. The instructor who does all of the classes except the music class is amazing, I don’t know where she gets her energy! She clearly loves what she does and it translates into the children having a wonderful time and learning as they go.

I look forward to the preschool type activities when my daughter gets older as these seem great also.

The plans and payment schedules are flexible so you can come as often or as little as you like, it works for everyone.

I also appreciate their attention to hygiene and cleanliness, as any mother knows, groups of small children can breed all sorts of interesting infections!

We love our local Gymboree Play & Music in Reno and will continue to go for years to come.

Dear Gymboree Play & Music

My husband and I enrolled our daughter, Genevieve, in Gymboree Play & Music when she was 13 months. She was an early walker at 10 months so we were desperate to find a safe outlet for her curious ways. Gymboree Play & Music was PERFECT! She could learn to climb (and fall), run (and fall) and bounce (and fall) all in the safest and softest environment.

The Play & Learn classes have been a hit from day one! Parachute time and bubbles are Genevieve’s favorite! As she became older, she also became attached to her teacher Ms Jessica. She now mimics the “pretend play” that Ms Jessica has taught her and she looks forward to seeing “Ms Jessica!” as we drive to Gymboree Play & Music. Genevieve also warmed up to Ms Julie (a returning employee) very quickly and gets very excited to see her as well!

Genevieve has seen Ms Denise from the beginning but only in the capacity as the desk lady . . . but all of a sudden she became quite interested in what Ms Denise was doing behind that counter. She would ask me if she could say hello (Daddy works behind a desk at home and sometimes cannot be interrupted so that is why Genevieve wanted to be sure it was ok to talk to Ms Denise). Genevieve quickly became attached to Ms Denise as well which was perfect timing . . . we recently began the Preschool Steps class (the one hour drop off class) led by Ms Denise and Ms Julie. While the “drop off” time may involve a tear or two, Genevieve is SO EXCITED when I pick her up! She tells me what they did and PROUDLY shows me her paintings, letters, etc.

My only regret . . . I wish I would have started this class earlier!!

So that leads me to a suggestion . . . when a child turns 2, they should receive a certificate for a free trial class of the Preschool Steps.

Thanks Gymboree, Ms Jessica, Ms Julie, Ms Denise and all the other workers who have made Gymboree such a wonderful place!!

Joyce & Genevieve 

Growing up with Gymbo

We joined Gymboree Play & Music when our son was really little. He loved the classes and we loved all the ways he was learning while having fun. Through the years we learned that he had some sensory struggles as well as some anxieties about large groups. This was one place that was full of people and full of noise as well as physical challenges that he just LOVED!

Gymboree Play & Music has come to feel like a family. After we had our daughter, we were so excited to let her grow up with the Gymbo family.The owner and teacher at the Reno, Gymboree Play & Music for the Play & Learn class is one of the most amazing and passionate teachers we have had the pleasure of knowing, and it shines through in every class.

Both of our kiddos love everything to do with Gymboree Play & Music. We are often singing our favorite Gymboree Play & Music songs in the car and at home, and we love the Bubble Ooodles too!

Gymboree Play & Music - Reno, Nevada

Toddler Classes Reno

Fantastic in Melbourne

The Melbourne Gymboree Play & Music has been a fantastic experience for my family. The teachers at this location are wonderful at engaging each child, being energetic and investing in providing developmentally appropriate sensory and physical activities. We have been going to Gymboree Play & Music weekly for the last 18 months and are thrilled with our experiences here.

Before we started Gymboree Play & Music, my daughter was shy and did not have many experiences interacting with children her own age. She has grown into an outgoing, imaginative child, in part because of the experiences she had here each week. She has blossomed into a leader among her peers and will be more than ready for Pre-K in the fall. I’m excited to start taking my son to classes in the fall while she is in school.

We will continue to be a part of the Gymboree Play & Music family for many years to come.


Growing Up Gymboree!

Nearly twenty-five years ago on the dot, my mom not only brought me to my first Level 2 class, but also started working for Gymboree Play & Music in Houston.

While I don’t quite remember attending class as a baby, the home videos show me walking for the first time with my chubby legs, adoring my teachers, smiling non-stop and having fun at my Gymboree Play & Music birthday parties.

I do remember my first teenage job at Gymboree Play & Music as a Birthday Party Assistant on the weekends. I’ve had the opportunity to work here on-and-off over some summers and have reveled in every minute of it.

There’s no place like Gymboree Play & Music, and I’m assured my life is a bit more magical and bright because I’ve grown up with it! I can’t wait to bring my future kiddos with my mom by my side of course.

The Scripps Poway Location is Truly a Community!

Our twin boys went up through Level 5 at the Scripps Poway Gymboree Play & Music. Our 11-month-old daughter is currently enrolled there!

As a family, we love Gymboree Play & Music. We feel it is a beautiful place where we can go and play together, sing songs, learn new things, and meet other families. I feel that Gymboree Play & Music. helped me build my confidence when I was a new mother; I was able to get out of the house with my infant twins and go to a place where I knew there would be other moms going through the same thing and staff members who love kids and were there to support me and my babies. I feel that Gymboree Play & Music. is partly responsible for the parent I have become, and I will always feel glad that I chose to enroll my children in the program.

The Scripps Poway Gymboree Play & Music. is truly a community and I have made close friends as a result of taking my kids there. I have also been fortunate enough to befriend teacher Aubrey. She has taught all of my kids and she is a natural teacher: patient, warm, welcoming, nurturing, and kind. She always makes parents feel welcome and comfortable and she effortlessly remembers all the babies’ names and details about their personalities. It has been wonderful to get to know her and become friends with her.