The Benefit Of Movement Scarves For Babies & Toddlers

Our Gymboree Play & Music teachers have discovered some creative ways to use our movement scarves.

For infants, a soft massage on their cheeks, hands and feet introduces them to a new tactile experience. Scarf play is fun when we wave it up high for baby to eye-track.

Toddlers get a kick out of them too, as we gather up a bunch and throw them in the air, play peek-a-boo, and pretend as we use them as “butterfly wings” and “horse tails!”

Movement Scarves are soft to the touch and easy to wash and store, another simple product with many creative ways to experience it.

Colorful scarves soft and light
For eye-tracking they are just right
A soft massage on cheeks and feet
Will surely make the baby tweak
Over their heads for peek-a-boo
Make them laugh and hear them coo
Juggle them, hang them, toss ‘em up high
A tactile experience so good to try!

If you’d like to purchase a movement scarf or sign-up for a class where your child can use movement scarfs please contact a Gymboree Play & Music near you.

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