Have Some Fun With Bubble Ooodles!

Our Gymboree Play & Music teachers have discovered some creative ways to use our Bubble Ooodles.

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Today we’re  demonstrating these fabulous Bubble Oodles. As you can easily blow small and large bubbles from opposite ends of the blower.

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Babies are mesmerized when they see them floating in the air so it’s great for babies’ eye tracking. The fun continues as they grow and they are able to follow the bubbles and catch them, honing their focusing skills and promoting their hand-eye coordination as they stretch their arms and point their little fingers trying to grab a bubble!

Our toddlers love an extra challenge; by handing them a castanet they begin to work on their fine motor skills as they open and close trying to trap a bubble. Now it’s a castanet but later they will be holding a crayon, pencil and scissors and by then be familiarized with this skill.

After blowing some bubbles, the fun lasts as they last for a long time on the ground giving children plenty time of bubble-popping fun! Our sugar based bubbles make this possible.

Bubble Oodles aren’t just your regular bubbles, but a whole new formula which makes them last prolonging the fun!

Our bubble oodles are so much fun
Great for babies to track one by one
And as they grow you will see
Hand-eye coordination is the key
Developing fine motor skills
Catching them with a castanet adds to the thrill
They are non-toxic and sugar based
So no problem if they land in the eyes or their face!
With different size bottles for you to choose from
Even fun for dogs and cats, just everyone!

If you’d like to purchase Bubble Ooodles or sign-up for a class where your child can use Bubble Ooodles please contact a Gymboree Play & Music near you.

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