What Are The Benefits Of Baby Lab?

Our NEW Baby Lab offers interactive classes designed just for babies ages 0-10 months including themes like Art, Music, Signs, Literacy, Lights and Mindfullness.

Baby Lab gives very young children the opportunity to experience play and learning in a fun, supportive space with their parents as their partners. The benefits of Baby Lab will follow children throughout their lives by providing the building blocks of education and play.

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The Benefits Of Baby Lab include– 

Sensory Experience – Touch, sight and sound let babies learn and develop from early sensory experiences. We utilize textures, music, movement, sound and words to engage the senses.

Coordination & Balance – Babies learn basic coordination and balance skills on our baby-friendly state-of-the-art equipment.

Whole-child Innovation – Babies will learn in a safe, healthy and supportive environment that supports intellectual growth and social development.

Problem Solving – Babies solve problems by movement — crawling towards mom, grasping a toy or making a hand gesture. The Baby Lab encourages curiosity and teaches persistence in solving these baby sized problems.

Togetherness! Babies and parents team up for play and learning in our 6 unique Baby Labs. Not only will they engage with their parents but they also have a chance to interact with one another (and we all know babies love other babies) which creates important early social bonds that will last a lifetime.

Baby Lab is about exploration and engagement and each lab encompasses age-appropriate sound, visual and reflex stimulation.

To enroll in Baby Lab classes find a location near you.

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