Get Ready for Summer! We’ve got some tips to help you kick off the season.


Follow this easy summer checklist to get prepared for SUMMERTIME!

  • Stock up on supplies: Get those cabinets and refrigerators ready for a workout. Stock up on everything from sunscreen to popsicles to snacks!
  • Get out those summer clothes: Goodbye sweaters, hello tank tops and bathing suits!  
  • Keep those books in sight: Don’t let those books collect dust this summer. Create a reading schedule to keep your little one learning!
  • Get the family together: There’s no shortage of fun to be had during the summer. Whether it’s at the beach, theme parks or going to outdoor events, make it a family adventure!

Are you looking for a local fun-filled playcation? Join us at Gymboree Play & Music for Summer Camp Programs. Find a location near you and ENROLL TODAY.

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Wobble Into The Weekend At Gymboree Play & Music!

Our GymboFams Ambassadors got Wobbling this week at Gymboree Play & Music by practicing their balance and coordination. Get YOUR Wobble on this weekend — find a location near you to book a FREE preview class.

Here’s is Baby Girl practicing her balance at Gymboree Play & Music. She was able to stand holding onto something for stability all by herself! From GymboMom April

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At Gymboree Play and Music, Music 1 we are learning how to dance! Bouncing, twisting and swaying — Ollie loves to bounce and sometimes likes to combine all 3. From GymboFams Ambassador Chantelle


Jacqui loves to do the see-saw boat!  When her friend gets off from the boat, she has to read just her weight and pressure to stay afloat. From GymboFams Ambassador Melissa


Try This At Home Wobble Activity For Baby!

The baby boogie!

Pick out a favorite song, hold your baby in front of you and swing them in and out or spin them round and round. Babies will squeal with glee when we move them around fast! Why? This simple activity is helping to stimulate their vestibular system. All leading to good balance when they are ready to stand up! So, wobble them around and have fun! You’re building up their ability to understand where their body is in space!

What Are The Benefits Of Baby Lab?

Our NEW Baby Lab offers interactive classes designed just for babies ages 0-10 months including themes like Art, Music, Signs, Literacy, Lights and Mindfullness.

Baby Lab gives very young children the opportunity to experience play and learning in a fun, supportive space with their parents as their partners. The benefits of Baby Lab will follow children throughout their lives by providing the building blocks of education and play.

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The Benefits Of Baby Lab include– 

Sensory Experience – Touch, sight and sound let babies learn and develop from early sensory experiences. We utilize textures, music, movement, sound and words to engage the senses.

Coordination & Balance – Babies learn basic coordination and balance skills on our baby-friendly state-of-the-art equipment.

Whole-child Innovation – Babies will learn in a safe, healthy and supportive environment that supports intellectual growth and social development.

Problem Solving – Babies solve problems by movement — crawling towards mom, grasping a toy or making a hand gesture. The Baby Lab encourages curiosity and teaches persistence in solving these baby sized problems.

Togetherness! Babies and parents team up for play and learning in our 6 unique Baby Labs. Not only will they engage with their parents but they also have a chance to interact with one another (and we all know babies love other babies) which creates important early social bonds that will last a lifetime.

Baby Lab is about exploration and engagement and each lab encompasses age-appropriate sound, visual and reflex stimulation.

To enroll in Baby Lab classes find a location near you.