Building Brain Power With Music

From GymboFams Ambassador Melissa L.

One of the great brain building aspects of Gymboree Play & Music is the way that the classes incorporate music. Jacqui is constantly on the move, and now that toddlerhood has fully struck – she wants what she wants and exactly when she wants it!

musicBy participating in the music sequence of a Gymboree Play & Music class, she is able to experience the mix of a quick-paced tune as well as a slowing down, and quieting down tune.  Rather than running on one speed for an entire class, by participating in the music through singing along, playing her instruments, and also practicing a quiet voice or “freezing” during the song, she is building up her capacity to self-regulate and self-monitor.  She is watching her peers and teacher to also see the way that they react when the music slows, speeds up, and stops. Talk about social-emotional learning for a toddler!

There can also be great carry over of music from the Gymboree Play & Music playspace to the home and community environment.  After finishing up our Saturday class, Jacqui chose to buy two “egg shakers” to take home to make music.  Using the egg shakers during car rides has kept her content while in the car and she’s able to follow along with the pace of the music in a way similar to what’s been modeled to her during her Gymboree Play & Music class.

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