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My name is April and I’m a first time mom to a sassy one year old. My daughter has been attending Gymboree Play & Music classes since about six months old. She was a preemie (two months premature) and small (2lbs 14oz) so I was a bit hesitant to take her out into the world until she was bigger. Once she became fighting weight 🙂, working on her development became a primary focus for my husband and I.


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Since attending Gymboree Play & Music classes, our baby girl is now sitting unassisted, saying Mama, Dada, along with other gibberish conversations, giving high fives, waving bye-bye, and standing with help. I’ve also seen her personality blossom over the time we’ve attended Gymboree Play & Music classes. I’m a working mom so only get to attend class on Saturdays, but even with one day per week, I’ve seen huge changes. Looking forward to spreading the word about Gymboree Play & Learn classes and getting to know other moms.


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