Happy April! This Month We’re Focusing on Balance & Coordination.

The Gymboree Play & Music theme for April is Wobble and we’re Focusing on Balance & Coordination. All this month we’ll be bringing you stories and activities that focus on balance and coordination.

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Why Wobble?
Practicing our balance whether we are in tummy time, sitting up, standing, walking, or running helps improve our understanding of our body in space, or our proprioception.

When we have good balance, we avoid injury during physical activity, improve our posture, and create a keen sense of the capabilities of our muscles and joints.

When we use different surfaces to build up these muscles in our legs and core (like the surfaces in our playscapes), we take the challenge to the next level. Balancing on the floor is easy! But walking on our soft gym cushion? Tricky! Think about how you use different parts of your body and brain when you are walking on the beach, as opposed to when you are walking on the sidewalk. Different right? It’s because we are challenging our bodies, and that challenge improves our abilities!

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