Meet GymboFams Ambassador Leticia

My name is Leticia and I have a son name Jayden who is 15 months old. My husband and I realized very early on that Jayden was a fast learner and has a lot of energy. So we began researching programs that could help us encourage Jayden to develop skills more rapidly and put his energy to good use while playing and learning. We came across Gymboree Play & Music and we signed up for a free class. After seeing Jayden’s response to that one class, we knew we had to enroll him and we did.


Although I am a stay at home mom, there is only so much we can do at home or at the park. Gymboree Play & Music is a great place to promote child development and encourage learning through play.


Of course it’s a plus that we both get to make friends while there and we attend at least twice a week if not more. I am excited to help promote such programs and encourage parents to really invest in their children’s development because that is priceless.

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