Meet GymboFams Ambassador Carmen

Hello! My name is Carmen Herrera and my husband is Ramiro. Adriana is our first child and like many first time parents we were nervous, scared but mostly excited.

I am a 5th grade teacher which means I am very blessed to have the summers off. Once the summer came I knew our baby needed activity, socialization and this momma needed time out of the house.

After our first class we were hooked. Adriana is 9 months old which means she’s crawling, standing up on any object she can and is having the time of her life. Gymboree Play & Music classes are fulfilling her needs cognitively and socially.

In the short amount of time we have been in the program she has already learned so much. I find myself singing songs to her at home just so she can smile and clap her hands.

We look forward to continuing our adventure with our Gymboree Play & Music family and seeing our sweet baby grow and learn.

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