Meet GymboFams Ambassador Aliza

My name is Aliza, my husband is Asher and we are first time parents to Cody. We got married in December 2009 at the ripe age of 19. We decided to complete school and start our careers prior to starting a family. In August of 2017, we were blessed with our red-headed, blue-eyed love, Cody.

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As a labor and delivery nurse, I thought I knew almost everything it takes to care for a baby. Boy, was I wrong. Cody turned our life upside down. Married for 8 years, we had established our routine and who knew a hardly six pound little human could change it so much.

As a busybody, I needed something for Cody and I to do together to spend time so we don’t get sick of each other’s (cute) faces. That is where Gymboree Play & Music stepped in. From an early age, Cody had shown an interest in music (and has quite a rhythm). Therefore, the music class was a perfect match to enhance Cody’s love of music through singing, dancing, and movement.

Not only did it enhance both of our love for music, but it also promoted social skills as well. It was at the first class we attended that I realized that Cody is simply a human being (albeit small) who starves for social interaction. It allowed me to view Cody in a whole new light.

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In addition, I was lucky enough to meet new mothers in the same boat as me. I am not shy to admit that Gymboree Play & Music has been a lifesaver as a new mother!

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