By Lauren O’Brien

You’ve made it through the baby years. You conquered the terrible twos and now your child is three! The hard part is over! WRONG. Some families get the pleasure of having a THREENAGER on their hands.

Before you read on, let us just tell you this — breathe in, breathe out. You’ll make it through!

So, what are the signs you have a three-going-on-thirteen year old in your house? Here are a few things to look out for:

objection gif

It seems like your child miraculously went to law school overnight and has perfected the art of arguing and making a deal.



You regret teaching them the word “why” and question everything you know about everything.



You suddenly feel like you live in a nudist colony, where clothes are the enemy.



Mealtime prep evokes perpetual fear. Did you cut the sandwich diagonally like yesterday’s lunch but today it must be cut down the middle? You never know if your meal will pass the test.


You are absolutely never, under any circumstances, allowed to sing or dance unless given permission.



Your voice is suddenly undetectable no matter what pitch, tone or level you use. That is, unless you say the word “candy” or “dessert.”



You’re pretty convinced your child could win an academy award with the dramatics that ensue when you request simple tasks, like putting on socks.


Even though having a threenager can be a bit of a rollercoaster, we can all agree that there’s nothing like that moment their sweetness peaks through and you get an “I love you” or a snuggle. That makes it all worth it.

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