The Fearless Parent

July Graphic_FBAs parents, you are responsible for what happens to your children, and that can feel overwhelming. We all strive to be “perfect” parents, but successful parenting is not about achieving perfection. Let’s face it, good parenting is hard work and is loaded with uncertainty. You can suddenly find yourself worrying about things you never thought about until you held your tiny one in your arms for that very first time.

Fear is a natural part of the human experience. Being a parent can be scary, and that is why we created a few tips on how to defeat those fears one step at a time.

You are enough
We have said this before, and will continue to say, that you are doing a great job. Yes, mistakes will happen, but that does not mean you’re not a great parent. Take a deep breath and give yourself a high-five. You deserve it!

Take care of yourself
It’s no surprise that taking care of yourself makes you a better parent but, in turn, it will help your little ones to be confident in their everyday life. Hydrate, get plenty of sleep, and a take a little “me time.”

Make parenting goals
While you might set goals in different areas of your life (career, health, and home), goal setting for parents is also important for modeling behavioral values and building relationships with your little ones. Write down what you want to achieve as a parent. Be consistent and positive with the goals you set for yourself.

Lead by example
Everything that you do or say rubs off on your little ones. Hold a mirror up to yourself and reflect the qualities and traits that you want your children to aspire to.

It is okay to fail
Being a parent is both rewarding and challenging. Your little ones do not come with an instruction manual, and you may fail from time to time. Parenting mistakes do not mean you are bad parent. Mistakes provide an opportunity to sharpen those parenting skills and teach your child valuable life lessons.

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