Signing & Singing

Support a lifetime of learning by signing and singing with your little ones!
Our featured video brings to life a classic children’s song. Through music and ASL, your little ones will learn all about farm animals.

Fostering early childhood development, sign language encourages communication, reduces frustrations, and allows your little ones to communicate vital information. Using sign language gives children an option for communicating their feelings and intent.

Other benefits of incorporating sign language into your little one’s everyday life are early language development, boosting memory, and encouraging self-confidence.

Signing can be a fun activity that allows you to bond with your child, all while providing a positive, educational experience.

Join Gymboree Play & Music as we sign and sing together in our featured video of the week.

Come play with us at the Gymboree Play & Music YouTube channel.
Our teachers will take you on different adventures such as:
Story Time, Play Time Fun, and Art & Music  Activities!
Through these videos your little one will be engaged in play, building crucial skills to support a lifetime of learning! 

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