Have You Checked Out Our Official Gymboree Play & Music Spotify Playlists?

It goes without saying, at Gymboree Play & Music, we LOVE music! This month our corporate theme is Music to My Ears and we’re taking a deep dive into the importance of sound and melodies in early childhood development. A couple of weeks back, we published a post that had all kinds of studies about the benefits of music for children, if you missed it you can read more here. But we wanted to take it a step further. Our brand has been around for more than 45 years, and in that time we’ve been asked by parents all over the world about our own philosophy on music, and how and why we pick the songs for classes. For the most part, our Music-osophy has been under wraps, but now – we’re ready to let it out.

Listening is just one of the many ways we experience music and adds an extra layer of sensory development to our little ones’ play experience. But how do we decide what songs to add to our playlists at Gymboree Play & Music?

Studies show that listening to varying genres of music engages larger areas of the brain, helping to create new neural pathways for both cognitive and emotional development. With this in mind, we have created several specially curated playlists that feature many different genres and styles of music. Some songs are specifically catered to children, while others are written for all ages.

Children are exposed to varying rhythms, time signatures, melodies, harmonies, instruments, and even languages. Now, you can also access these playlists at home via our official Gymboree Play & Music Spotify page to listen at home with your little ones!

Our Gymbo Corp Spotify page features two types of playlists: Musical Genre-Based playlists and Theme-Based playlists. Among our Musical Genre-Based playlists, you can enjoy all the various musical genres and regional styles explored in our Music Classes.

Did you hear a recorded song in your music class that you can’t wait to listen to again? You can likely find it on the corresponding playlist.

Our Theme-Based playlists house a series of songs that are specific to a certain theme, such as Living Creatures, The Ocean/Beach, and Transportation.

Several of these themes also match up with the themes in our Play & Learn classes, so you can bring a bit of your class experience home with you!

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