5 Reasons to Enroll In Gymboree Play & Music in 2021!

With more than 45 years of experience, Gymboree Play and Music classes are uniquely and intentionally designed for early childhood development. Through play, your child will be challenged physically, socially and cognitively, building the crucial skills to support a lifetime of learning.

But beyond these benefits, there is more than meets the eye about our brand, and if you’re in the market for a program for your child that checks all of the boxes, you’ll want to see the top 5 reasons to enroll at Gymboree Play & Music today!

We Have Options to Enroll In Virtual or In-Person

Did you know that in addition to our in-person, COVID 19 safe classes, we are now offering online play and learning classes for babies, toddlers, and preschool-aged children. Both class types provide a comprehensive learning option in your local community or in your home. And with flexile class times, you can find a class that fits your schedule.

We’re Still Offering Birthday Parties

Choose your child’s favorite theme and we’ll create a private, personalized party experience filled with kid friendly activities guaranteed to be 100% fun with zero clean up! We specialize in 1st birthday parties all the way through to 5th birthday parties. Gymboree Play & Music Parties are available to members and non-members alike. Themes and party packages may vary by location.

We Have Affordable, Easy to Participate In, Music Classes

Experience music from all around the world– music from both past and present, near and far! From The Beatles to Bach! In Music 1, children will delight in the sound of instruments, and “singing” through musical baby talk. They’ll enjoy being sung to, experiencing new sounds and the anticipation of surprise!

Some of the benefits are:

Physical: Sensory exploration time is supported while children practice their motor skills, which is crucial for your baby’s overall development.

Cognitive: Music-play helps activate parts of the brain responsible for music and speech processing. It creates an early appreciation of music and supports language development.

Social: Through music, you can hear and feel emotions. Tunes can be happy, sad, or angry! This supports social development in understanding emotions in a new way.

Adults: You get to engage with your little one making emotional connections and strong bonds. Being involved in your child’s play helps both of you feel more connected.

We Offer Preschool and Kindergarten Readiness Classes

We have a myriad of classes for children ages 3-5.

Our Preschool Prep with HOMER offers highly engaging themes that create a captivating setting for children to be motivated and engaged as they explore movement and gain early learning skills in preparation for preschool, Kindergarten and life!

Your early learner will work on building curiosity, expanding vocabulary, and making meaningful connections as they get “Preschool Ready” with these important life skills.

We’ve created an engaging in-person setting for children to be motivated and engaged as they explore math, SEL, and literacy. Children will learn while enjoying captivating themes that include — All About Me and Farms & Food.

Our small classroom setting will help children develop life-readiness skills like communication and collaboration apart from parents and guardians.

Children will learn to share, follow directions, and take turns. They will also be participating in simple back-and-forth conversational exchanges with both teachers and other children.

Our Locations Are Managed By Franchise Owners Who Care About Early Childhood Development

For over 40 years, our brand has been sparking a love of learning with millions of families around the world, with research-based play programs designed by experts. Whether it’s our home office team or our franchise community, the GPM brand has proven expertise in early childhood education and franchise management.

Our custom curriculum is uniquely created around the 3 keys to early childhood learning (Social/Emotional, Cognitive and Physical). Children are our future and ages 0-5 are the foundational years upon which their later successes—both personal and professional, will be built. Our community believes learning through play is the method that touches each child in a way that helps them learn best. Gymboree Play & Music delivers a joyful experience and enhances learning, while setting the stage for a future filled with possibilities.

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