Gymboree Play & Music in Carmel and Greenwood, Indiana Celebrate Families and Community with Cool Tees!

Great fun was had at the Gymboree Play & Music locations in Carmel and Greenwood, Indiana. Wendy Shultz and her team decided to do a little celebration as a thank you for being part of their Gymboree Play & Music family!

Each child received a beautifully designed yellow Gymbo t-shirt as part of the celebration event and the kids we’re all smiles in their tees.

“It was a great way to celebrate the fact that we have been an important part of the families in the Indianapolis area for over 24 years! It’s so nice to see the kids wearing their Gymbo t-shirts in the community!”


We want to thank the Carmel and Greenwood teams for making smiles, memories and celebrating the amazing families that attend Gymboree Play & Music in the Indianapolis area!