Indiana Gymboree Play & Music Hosts Local Sleep Safe Event For Parents

WRTV6 & Fox59 stopped by the Gymboree Play & Music, Greenwood location on November 6th for the Sleep Safety event they hosted.

Riley Hospital recommends following the ABC’s of safe sleep.

  • A – Alone: That means no blankets, toys, pillow or parents in the bed with baby. Pacifiers are okay, but only if they’re plain with no attachments.
    Riley experts say the clips that attach to baby’s shirts or stuffed animals attached to a pacifier can cause accidental suffocation. So, it’s best to just have a plain one with your baby.
    While they recommend parents not sleep with baby, they do say the baby should sleep in the same room as the parents. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, room sharing decreased the risk of SIDS by nearly 50%.
  • B – Back: They recommend laying baby on his or her back when they go to sleep. Statistics show infants have a higher risk of dying from SIDS if they sleep on their stomachs.
  • C – Crib: Your baby should be sleeping on a flat surface. They recommend a crib, bassinet or pack and play.

Riley and the Ronald McDonald House want to make sure no parent loses their child because of unsafe sleep, so they’re holding a safe sleep class to educate parents. – You can read about safe sleep here.

“There are a lot of things that parents may have questions about,” says Casie Smith with Gymboree Play & Music in Greenwood. “As a new parent, nobody really tells you all of these things, so you’re learning all of these things all at once which is terrifying.”

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Gymboree Play & Music, Greenwood is all about community and support and we hope we can be that for you and your family. Through events like this, we hope to partner more with the community so parents have access to resources they need to be the best parents possible.

Gymboree Play & Music in Carmel and Greenwood, Indiana Celebrate Families and Community with Cool Tees!

Great fun was had at the Gymboree Play & Music locations in Carmel and Greenwood, Indiana. Wendy Shultz and her team decided to do a little celebration as a thank you for being part of their Gymboree Play & Music family!

Each child received a beautifully designed yellow Gymbo t-shirt as part of the celebration event and the kids we’re all smiles in their tees.

“It was a great way to celebrate the fact that we have been an important part of the families in the Indianapolis area for over 24 years! It’s so nice to see the kids wearing their Gymbo t-shirts in the community!”


We want to thank the Carmel and Greenwood teams for making smiles, memories and celebrating the amazing families that attend Gymboree Play & Music in the Indianapolis area!