Meet GymboFams Ambassador Leticia

My name is Leticia and I have a son name Jayden who is 15 months old. My husband and I realized very early on that Jayden was a fast learner and has a lot of energy. So we began researching programs that could help us encourage Jayden to develop skills more rapidly and put his energy to good use while playing and learning. We came across Gymboree Play & Music and we signed up for a free class. After seeing Jayden’s response to that one class, we knew we had to enroll him and we did.


Although I am a stay at home mom, there is only so much we can do at home or at the park. Gymboree Play & Music is a great place to promote child development and encourage learning through play.


Of course it’s a plus that we both get to make friends while there and we attend at least twice a week if not more. I am excited to help promote such programs and encourage parents to really invest in their children’s development because that is priceless.

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Meet GymboFams Ambassador Bri

My name is Bri Smocks and my husband’s name is Arthur. We had our first child Levi, in November 2017 and as a young, married African-American couple, there is so much we have not experienced when it comes to parenting. We love our parents and are grateful for our upbringing, but there are activities and developmental studies to which they were not aware when we were children.

Smocks Family.jpg

As millennial parents, we knew we wanted to challenge our son and provide opportunities for him that are not normally heard of in our community. That’s why Gymboree Play & Music is about more for us than having a space to play. It’s about giving Levi a chance to build his cognitive and motor skills at an early stage, factors which will serve him well as he grows older. My son showed signs that he was advanced and active before Gymboree Play & Music, but it was there that he crawled for an extended period of time and where his curiosity was stimulated. It also provides him with a chance to explore and improve his social skills which will prepare him for his first day of preschool next month.

Furthermore, as a first-generation college student, two-time graduate of Southern Methodist University, and currently a 10th grade English teacher, I know all too well the importance of early exposure on a child’s future. It is paramount that they have spaces like Gymboree Play & Music to fuel their interests and promote family time. For instance, his Gia, my mother, even attends classes with him and is the stand-in Grandmother for all of his friends! These are only a few of the benefits.

I am thankful to my college friend Craishia, a young, married mother like myself, for telling me about Gymboree Play & Music and now I am eager to do the same. There’s nothing better than sharing places like this with other moms so we can all give our children the best!

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Meet GymboFams Ambassador Crystal

I’m so excited to join this awesome club of GymboFams! My name is Crystal King and I am the Mother of Avery King. I work FT as a Creative Director and my son Avery spends most of his days with his Grandparents and little cousins.

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 3.41.30 PM.png

For months, I searched to find something for Avery that would help further develop his motor skills, foster an environment for social play and develop his sense of bravery, confidence, and curiosity.

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 3.40.01 PM.png

That’s when I stumbled upon Gymboree Play & Music. We are newbies to the program but on the very first day I knew that I had to immediately sign Avery up because I saw how much he thrived after just one class! We are now a few classes in and Avery loves sliding down the slides, swinging on the tubes, crawling through the rainbow tunnels, kissy time with Gymbo, popping bubbles, and parachute time! I’m so excited to have found Gymboree Play & Music and can’t wait to meet more parents and sweet little babes.


I recently started sharing stories of the adventures of Avery and I on our website: I had such a crazy pregnancy and delivery that I just felt compelled to share my testimony with others. At 7 months pf pregnancy, I was forced to deliver Avery due to lack of weight gain (I only gained 7lbs my entire pregnancy y’all) and preclampaia.

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 3.40.50 PM.png

Immediately after delivering Avery, I went into kidney failure and got put on the list for a kidney transplant. I’m really just starting to regain my strength and I’m finally able to be more independent and venture out with Avery. I wish I could’ve started the website sooner but I’m slowly telling my story now. So if you guys could drop by, take a look, share any feedback or ask questions I would greatly appreciate it!

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Meet GymboFams Ambassador Jane

As a mom and educator, I greatly value the role of play in social, emotional, physical and cognitive development; given our son’s recent diagnosis of Autism, I appreciate the importance of play so much more! Alexander has already shown progress and this is in part to Gymboree Play & Music.

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 6.44.20 PM.png

I’m Jane, – mom to Catherine, a creative and inquisitive 4 year old, and Alexander, a humorous and musical 2 year old – learning and loving the best I can.

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 6.46.10 PM.pngCatherine participated in Gymboree Play & Music classes pre-school and we most recently continued our journey with Gymboree Gymboree Play & Music when we enrolled Alexander in Play & Learn.

I wanted him to participate in a class where he could just have fun because much of our time is dedicated to therapy. As it turns out, Gymboree Play & Music is fun but it also supports his development given the wide range and variety of activities available.

From heavy work materials that support sensory processing to play structures that build his core strength and tone to group activities that support socioemotional development, Gymboree Play & Music is helping us ways we never anticipated! Thank you.

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 6.47.21 PM.png

I’m a mom in Toronto! documenting our journey with Autism. Alexander is a 2 year old joy! Learning & loving the best I can. #autismmomtoronto

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Kimberly Caldwell-Harvey is taking over our Instagram for#tuesdaytakeover!!

Kimberly Caldwell-Harvey is taking over our Instagram for #tuesdaytakeover! This is Kimberly and her daughter Harlow in the courtyard @gymboree_encino after class. This picture was taken out front before the adorable Gymboree Play & Music Baby Prom she attended.

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Meet GymboFams Ambassador Catherine

When we moved to Boston from Quebec City, it was a big challenge for me. I stopped to work full time as CPA, to stay at home with my boys. They had to learn English as well.

Then, Gymboree Play & Music warmly opened the door of their big family. We have met wonderful friends and have learnt so much around play, music and fun.

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Meet GymboFams Ambassador Christa

Hi there! My name is Christa. I’m the mom of a self-assured, cheerful one-year old daughter named Hazel. Her big sister, Alexis, is 11 and definitely the most fun “toy” in the house.

Hazel and I have been attending Gymboree Play & Music for a few months now and it has been amazing to watch her confidence and abilities grow! Hazel is known for her cute bouncy dance moves during class. She loves to talk to new friends and watch how they play so we try to attend as many open gyms as possible. Every time the play area has a new design, I love to see the wonder in her eyes. Gymboree Play & Music is just perfect for her inquisitive and busy growing mind!

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Meet GymboFams Ambassador Nikki

Hello! My name is Nikki and this 7 month old guy is Owen, who is affectionately refered to as “The Mayor” (he knows everyone in town). Owen loves his time at Gymboree Play &. Music; playing, learning and tasting (everything).


The free gym time is great for him to be able to interact with kids at different levels of development. He watches in awe as the big kids walk across the bridges and zip down slides, hoping to soon acomplish the same feats. We cant wait to see what he learns each week. Thanks for inviting us to join the Gymboree Play & Music Family!

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Meet GymboFams Ambassador Marissa

Hey y’all! My name is Marissa and I am the proud mama to my 3 year old son, Eric, and 1 year old daughter, Evangeline. Eric has been the best big brother from day 1 constantly showering his little sister with kisses and always holding her hand in the car. Evangeline loves to follow her brother around and enjoys wrestling and playing cars with her big brother. Both children love being around family and can’t wait until they get a chance to get out of the house and go to the store just for fun.

Eric has been attending Gymboree Play & Music since he he was 1. Being a new mom of a baby with eczema in southern Texas, I was in search for activities my son could take part in that would not cause his eczema to flair, and thankfully, I came across these classes, attended the free class to see how my son would react, and let me just say…we were hooked! It would be hard for me to say what he loves best about attending because he still gets excited exploring the many obstacles, which helped improve his motor development greatly, bubble time, the singing and dancing, and we can’t forget hugs with Gymbo. We have loved Gymboree Play & Music so much Evangeline was just recently enrolled to begin her classes and we look forward to watching her grow with Gymbo!


In addition to being their mama, I am an elementary teacher and certified Reading Specialist. Through the years, I have continuously been impressed with the age-appropriate developmental activities Gymboree Play & Music provides to the children and their families and I thoroughly enjoy watching all the families come together and bond with their children and the other families through play, exploration, song, and dance. The Gymboree Play & Music family has done a wonderful job providing education, play, and fun to so many and we are so thankful to have found our home with them.

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Meet GymboFams Ambassador Leigha

Hello from the south! My name is Leigha and I am a mommy to my first any only baby girl Brynn Elise. She is feisty and sassy and FULL of life! She just turned two and loves to keep me on my toes.

We have been attending Gymboree Play & Music for almost a year now and every Saturday Brynn will wake up ready to go to her “play class” I started doing Gymboree Play & Music classes for Brynn to learn some socialization skills being she is not in daycare or around kids her own age. It turns out she has learned SO much more then just socializing. Like waiting her turn, freezing and using her imagination.


Brynn may be  my only child at home but during the day I have 15 “children” to care for and teach.  Being a kindergarten teacher I understand how much kids learn through play. Which is another reason Why I as a mom and teacher love the Gymboree Play & Music classes and all they have to offer.

We are so thrilled to be part of the Gymbo family and can’t wait to see what is in store for us on this journey!

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